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The important stuff

2nd December

Sign up closes

This is the last change to register for Secret Santa - after this date you won't be able to join.

Around £10

Guide Price

Feel free to go above this if you'd like to be extra generous this Christmas, but that's not necessary. As long as no one is disappointed!

11th Dec

Drop-off your gift

You must have purchased your gift, dropped it off at a collection points, and let your recipient know in your Santa Dashboard.

Santa's are matched at random
Each santa is matched with a "from" santa who will buy a gift for them, and one "to" santa who they'll buy a gift for. Santas are matched at random and you can't choose or change who you're matched with.
Share a little information with your purchasing santa
You'll be asked to provide some information about yourself to help your santa buy you a relevant gift. You can choose to share as much or as little information as you like, this may include your hobbies, favourite TV shows or books, or your social media profiles. You should not provide any sensitive information such as contact details.
You wont know who is purchasing for you
You'll receive the information your receiving santa has chosen to provide, but you won't receive any information about the santa who is purchasing a gift for you.
Purchase your gift in plenty time
Once you are matched you'll have two weeks (dates to be confirmed) to purchase your gift and leave it at one of the designated drop-off points. As soon as you've done this you should update your secret santa account so your receiving santa can collect it.
Don't be creepy
The secret santa project is a family friendly event. You should understand that your recipient may not have the same appreciation for controversial humour and "alternative" gifts you might. Your gift should be something your recipient will appreciate and would be happy to open in front of their family.
Thank your Santa
Once you have received and opened your gift, we encourage you to share a picture of you appreciating it online and say thank them. You can choose to include a picture or not, and if you like you can even include the anonymous elf name of your purchasing santa. And don't forget to mention @EdinSecretSanta!
Understand this is run on trust
The Secret Santa Project is run by volunteers in our spare time. We don't take anything from it, and we can't offer any guarantee that your matched santa will do their part. But society is built on trust, and we all benefit when we work together and share.
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